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Citycenter Offices provides a sanctuary for your business.
 A happy place to shine, grow and thrive. Zero meters from the center of the city. So you can focus on leading the industry.

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So close to the city center, you can hear its heartbeat.

Easy access from anywhere to

Shops, entertainment, culture, and restaurants? Take the elevator ride downstairs!

Everything else you might need is just a little gallop away.Above all, a stunning view.

“The office plays a key role in integrating and engaging employees from different countries. Both our office and company culture are designed to foster a sense of community.”

Justina Rautio, Unity’s Workplace Experience Territory Lead

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A happy place to grow. Built on diversity.

Okay, imagine a wonderland where Finnish architecture from different eras collide. Like a unique and diverse composition. Perfect blend of three different spices working together.

Now open your eyes. That’s Citycenter Offices for you my friend, three completely different office buildings offering a versatile range of premises. Allowing you to pick the space that resonates with your brand the most.

Kaivokatu 8

Kaivokatu 8 is one of the best-known buildings in Helsinki. The modern office facilities offer an excellent view of the Helsinki Railway Square and over the station in the direction of Töölönlahti.

The iconic building was designed by architect Viljo Revell. Significant renovations have been carried out on the building in the past few years. All available space has been refurbished in 2019–2021.

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The Tower

The modern office tower with nine floors, constructed in 2011, is located in the courtyard of Citycenter’s retail and office complex. The office facilities offer a great view over the rooftops of the Helsinki center and of the Citycenter courtyard.

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The Saarinen Building

The beautiful office building designed by Eliel Saarinen, constructed in 1910, is located in the courtyard of Citycenter’s retail and office complex, in the very heart of Helsinki. The atmospheric offices have a great view of the cozy Citycenter courtyard.

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High quality café and restaurant services

Versatile health services

A sport and fitness center Elixia

The best public transport connections in the city

Plenty of parking space in the parking garages in the area

The shopping centers’ various grocery and specialty stores

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The railway station, the Kamppi long-distance bus terminal, and the Forum shopping center can be accessed through pedestrian tunnels without exposure to the weather. Which is a nice thing, it tends to get a bit wet here in Helsinki.

There are numerous parking possibilities, e.g., at Eliel, WTC, Forum, and Stockmann. Other vehicles such as bikes, horses and unicorns can be stored in safe, locked storage facilities.

They say it’s all about the location.

Medal of sustainable honor – Excellent!

The Citycenter Offices have been granted the BREEAM In-Use Excellent -level certification. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is an international environmental classification system for buildings, aimed at decreasing the environmental impact of buildings and developing healthier working environments.

In addition, the office Tower has a LEED Gold environmental certificate during construction, which verified the fulfillment of the environmental goals of the design and construction.

Citycenter is also fully carbon neutral in terms of energy consumption during use.

The heart of the international work community: facilities that foster integration and a sense of community.

Competition for world-class professionals is getting tougher all the time, and more and more companies are recognising the importance of facilities in this regard. However, working areas alone are no longer enough. What is needed are holistic communities that promote the integration of international talent and their learning of the local language. Read about how versatile, optimally located and culturally enriching facilities can play a key role in your company’s success and staff engagement.


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