The office becomes a second home – Unity helps its multicultural staff integrate and network

The Helsinki city centre office of the gaming technology company Unity provides a pleasant setting for work and leisure alike. “Communal spaces and events make a big difference when there are employees from over 40 countries,” says Justina Rautio, Unity’s Workplace Experience Territory Lead.

The world’s leading gaming technology company, Unity Technologies, develops tools to create interactive 2D and 3D gaming experiences. The company’s best-known product is the game engine, which is used in more than a third of all mobile games worldwide.

“The office plays a key role in integrating and engaging employees from different countries.”

The best of international talent plays a major role in this successful business. The Finnish subsidiary alone, Unity Technologies Finland Oy, has 270 employees from a total of 40 nationalities.

The entrance hall leads to an office of about 4,000 m2 located on two floors. There are two meeting rooms for customers, and the rest of the premises are for the staff.

The importance of good business premises really comes to the fore in a multicultural work community.

“The office plays a key role in integrating and engaging employees from different countries. Both our office and company culture are designed to foster a sense of community,” says Justina Rautio, Unity’s Workplace Experience Territory Lead.

According to Rautio, the exceptional years during the pandemic have further increased the value of a pleasant office that builds a social framework.

The coffee bar echoes with laughter and cheerful chatter as employees gather for a coffee break. The multinational staff includes many Russian, French, Turkish and Chinese employees, among other nationalities.

“Before the coronavirus pandemic, we got a lot of new employees who moved to Finland either alone or with their families. When other mobility was limited by the measures put in place to contain the pandemic, our office became their second home base, which also helped them get to know their colleagues’ families and ask for advice on everyday matters,” Rautio says.

Offices in prime locations

According to Rautio, Unity’s offices are located as centrally as possible in the heart of major cities. In Finland, the location chosen was the focal point of the capital – the Citycenter commercial property with its wide-ranging services and Finland’s best transport connections, directly opposite the Central Railway Station.

Unity chose to locate its premises in the focal point of the capital, with Finland’s best transport connections and local services nearby. The lively and welcoming Citycenter premises is particularly well known as a favourite location for IT companies.

“We have the best views in the whole of Helsinki, and it’s easy for international guests to get here”

“We have been in the same premises since 2015, and we also wanted to stay here as our operations expanded. The central location and views were very important in making our decision. We have the best views in the whole of Helsinki, and it’s easy for international guests to get here,” Rautio says.

Rautio also has high praise for the shopping centre’s services, which make the daily life of the staff easier – shopping, pharmacy and gym visits are convenient during the working day, and for lunch, there is a wide variety of ethnic restaurants to choose from, all under the same roof.

Body care and time for prayer

In the renovation done during 2022–2023, an additional 1,000 m2 of space was made available to the company. The company’s facilities, totalling 4,000 m2 in area on two floors, were transformed into a complex that serves the multicultural personnel even better than previously.

“The fact that the place is rarely empty shows that the staff has genuinely embraced the office”
The sixth-floor part of the Unity offices has been opened out almost completely as a spacious lounge area, offering the opportunity to work, exchange news and hold larger events.

”The premises are designed to promote a strong sense of community.”

“We have a large living room-style lounge area that is used not only for working, hanging out and playing, but also for breakfast, events and weekly meetings. A well-equipped coffee bar also encourages interaction and chatting,” Rautio says.

With its cosy decor, the office also has quiet working spaces, as well as collaboration and training rooms. These are used for planning and for workshops and larger meetings. There is also a wellness area on the upper floor, where joint body care classes are held. The sleep room, which is still under construction, is intended for rest, meditation and prayer.

Matti Räty, VP of Engineering, Unity Ads, from Finland, and Melissa Sangalang, Day Porter, from the Philippines, enjoying a game of pool.

A creative event team

According to Rautio, the premises are designed to promote a strong sense of community. At Unity, premises, events and employee orientation are taken care of by a dedicated team.

“We brainstorm various events and activities that bring people together. We familiarise newcomers with the office and introduce people to each other, so that it’s easy for them to continue discussions later among themselves,” says Rautio, who leads the team.

“An office that creates an integrative and social framework is of great importance for employees who are starting their daily lives in their new home country,” says Unity’s Workplace Experience Territory Lead, Justina Rautio.

Events are also organised for the children and families of employees – and the premises are freely available for the staff to use in the evenings as well.

“A lot of people stop by here when in town shopping or on a night out. The fact that the place is rarely empty shows that the staff has genuinely embraced the office,” says Rautio with a smile.

The company also invests in language learning at the office. Finnish is used in the names of meeting rooms, and employees are offered language training supported by Unity. Staff are also encouraged to engage in local hobbies through their own WhatsApp groups.

The most fascinating office view in Finland, which opens on to Helsinki Railway Square, can be admired along the entire span of the office windows. New employees have even come to the company because of the unique views, Rautio says.

A sustainable office facilities policy

Rautio says that one of the reasons Unity wanted to stay put in the same premises is the excellent collaboration with the property’s owner, Sponda.

“Sponda’s contact persons are always ready to help, and the property maintenance service has always been extremely good. It’s great that the property is also constantly being developed. The new look in the shopping centre and lift lobbies is really nice.”

Although the official language of the company is English, Finnish names are used for the facilities, and staff are encouraged to participate in language training supported by Unity.

Sustainability is also an important factor in the long-term partnership.

“We invest globally in sustainable development and always strive to select our premises from environmentally certified properties. Sponda is one of the world’s most sustainable companies among its peers, and Citycenter’s BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) Excellent level certification guarantees us energy-efficient facilities, 100% renewable energy and good recycling opportunities,” Rautio says.

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